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Who is Dibbly?

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He is the finest robot ever built in the history of the universe. Period.


All the other robots in the universe can only dream of the kind of things he can do. Like, choose when and by whom he wanted to be seen or heard. He has feelings, just like you humans. And you can see how he was feeling by the way his body lights up – when he is happy, its a bright yellow and red; when sad, dark blue, and so on.


And if there is one thing he can do better than anyone in the universe, it is to get himself into sticky situations. He can even create them when there are none to begin with. Luckily for him, Ziptux is very, very good at getting out of them. So as you can imagine, their combination works out rather well.


And that’s what these tales are about.

What does he look like?

Dibbly medium res.png

Dibbly is 3.7 trombotic units tall, which is around ninety-five Earth centimetres, and shaped like what you would call an egg. Actually, that is such a silly name for a shape that is reserved only for the very best robots in the universe.


He is made of Cerviza, an indestructible material in a shade of colour that cannot exist on Earth because of the weird shape of your galaxy. He doesn’t have a face, eyes or ears like you do, though he can speak, hear and more importantly, sense things around him. He has two little arms with fibrotic claws that are embedded in his body, which he brings out when needed.

When was he born?

When was Dibbly born Ziptux medium res.p

Over the past few millennia, there has been a lot of speculation about his birth. There are two theories:


1. The blind professors of Lenoteca believe that he was born just after the Big Bang.


2. The second and the more interesting one proclaims that apparently, he was the one who caused the Big Bang.


Which one is true? We will not know until the next one.

Where did they meet? 

Where did they meet medium res.png

You already know this, right?

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